Vior Rocha


The need to give retail brands greater visibility in an increasingly demanding and competitive market resulted in the creation of Retail Mind - Global Retail Services. Founded in 2012, this company is the result of several years of experience in the retail sector, with qualified professionals in various business areas, having already assisted in the expansion of dozens of national and international brands.

Retail Mind is the product of knowledge acquired and focused in the retail sector in Portugal, supporting companies in the search for better results, better assets and in the demand of a direction based in their values. We walk side by side with our customers, joining hands with our partners and looking towards the future in an optimistic and encouraging way.


"Retail Mind creates bridges of change between the roots of our customers' business and the matrix defining and leveraging, in a sustainable way, the future of their companies."


​Vítor Rocha, CEO Retail Mind

We support the growth of brands and take their name to international markets, having already contributed to the opening of stores in different geographies, from which Spain, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany and Colombia stand out.


Our vision is to develop and support brands, helping their DNA to be present in the history of retail.

Our success is based on the strict ethical codes that guide our presence in the market. We act with honesty and transparency with our business partners, contributing to a fairer and more loyal market for all stakeholders.


Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with new business opportunities, growth and consolidation in the retail world. We intend to contribute to a sustained growth of brands, basing the future on solid achievements and victories. The present is the tomorrow of those we support.







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